The Madison County Emergency Medical District was formed in Madison County, Ohio in 1981 to serve the Greater London area.

MCEMD is an emergency only third-service, and provides no scheduled transports. Two strategically located stations were developed to allow for quick responses within the service area.

In addition to traditional ambulances, the District employs a Quick-Response ALS SUV with a Lieutenant or Officer in Charge Paramedic to first respond to medical emergencies, provide additional assistance to EMS crews, and serve as part of Unified Command during high-acuity emergency scenes. This vehicle carries specialized equipment for these types of emergencies.

The District provides Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to Deercreek, Monroe, Oak Run, Paint, Somerford, and Union Townships within Madison County.

Our service area also includes the Ohio State Farm Science Review (which draws 140,000 visitors to the District), the Madison County Airport, Choctaw Lake, Madison Lake State Park, the Madison-Plains Local School District, portions of London City Schools, Jonathan Alder Local Schools, Mechanicsburg Exempted Village Schools, as well as various other areas of interest.

The District consists of:

  • 1 District Chief
  • 1 Medical Director
  • 1 Fiscal Clerk
  • 3 Career Lieutenants
  • 12 Career EMT/Paramedics
  • Part-time EMT/Paramedics
  • 3 ALS Ambulances
  • 1 ALS Bariatric Ambulance
  • 1 Offroad Rescue Vehicle
  • 1 Quick-Response ALS SUV
Madison County Emergency Medical District patches from 1981 to present.

The District’s Operational Staff is structured into three 24-hour shifts. Each shift consists of one Lieutenant, who report to the District Chief, and are responsible for all daily operations, as well as being responsible for the operational and clinical oversight of individual emergency scenes.

The District’s Medical Director oversees the development of the EMS Protocol, professional development of the emergency personnel, and quality assurance of care rendered to patients.

The District’s Training Division offers professional development and continuing education to area first responders. It is managed by a Training Officer designated by the District Chief. Additionally, the District has appointed a Public Information Officer, a Public Outreach Coordinator, and an Infection Control Officer.

Madison County EMD also interfaces with the Madison County Emergency Management Agency, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, Madison County Public Health, as well as other area agencies.

We are also a proud member of the Ohio EMS Chiefs Association.

If you would like to learn more about the Madison County Emergency Medical District, do not hesitate to reach out to info@madisoncountyemd.org for more information.